Shadow Runner

GamePlay/UI Programmer

Sep 2021 ~ Dec 2021, team of 6

3D first person shooter game in Unreal engine


The game is not yet done but I already graduated from DigiPen.

I worked as a gameplay programmer in this Unreal Engine game.

As an all-programmer team, we were lacking design power.

I designed two test levels and implemented the movement gameplay features.




To let player understand basic movement, jump, double jump and dash in the game. I designed this test level for movement. The orange tiles on the ground is pain causing volume which does damage to player. The green tile on the ground is healing tile that can restore health to player.


To let player learn the shadow mechanic in the game, I designed this shadow summon level. Player can right click to summon a shadow, then press T to swap the place with the shadow. The first picture has a gap between two walls, the gap is too narrow for the player to pass. Hence the player have to summon the shadow on the other side of the wall and swap the position with it to pass. The following images are the walls and the huge hole that player have to pass them with shadow summon mechanic, double jump and dash combined.



(play the walking sound while there is no walking sound being played, and player is not crouching or falling)


I don’t have my own file in this project.

As an audio lead, I inserted the audio functions into other people’s codes. Made sure the sound effects are on time and won’t break the files that other programmers been worked on.